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Our Custom Print Service

Build Your Brand

By having your logo on your supplies is the #1 way to advertise your business. Not only will it make you store looks professional, but your customers will also feel confident that they are buying from a name brand store, instead of using generic items. While many may think the cost to do so are very high, but in reality, it is not much more than your generic supplies thanks to our competiive price. Having items with your own brand image will definitely be your first step to success, as we have never heard of a single customer that came back and tell us they have regreted to place their logo on to the products. Your have worked so hard to provide quality service/product to your customers, it is time to let us help you to build your brand image and let more people recognize your brand.
Before we jump into all the detail, keeps in mind that it will takes some time to go through the process and often time rushing to get something produced in an ASAP fashion may result in products that you will not be happy with, so we would suggest to give yourself plenty of time to plan, as well as to prepare your logo & designs.

How long does it take?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions, to answer this, most of our products produced from overseas requires a lead-time of 10-14 weeks while certain items are avaialble to be made locally in the US in as little time as 4 weeks. While some other companies may boast their lead-time is much shorter such as 6-8 weeks, we are not saying that it is impossible but it is extremely rare and we would like to give you realistic expectation instead.

What is the minimum?

Minimum vary between item and sometime size / colors comes into play as well, you can find the minimum info the item listings below. Note minimum cannot be applied to mix and match, as it applies to each item. An Item is defined by both size and design, think of each item as a "thing". For example, if you have the same design in 3 sizes item, it would be consider 3 items / things, and on the other hand, if you have 2 design in the same size item, it would be consider 2 items /things. 

What about the design?

It is best if you have your logo or artwork in original format such as Adobe Illustrator or other vector art and we will be able to do simple layout for you, but you also have the option to do the layout on your end and in such case, please request the design template from us. If you need help with designing your logo, we can refer your to our partnered designer but it will be extra charge.

What about storage?

We totally understand that storage space can be an issue for most businesses, regardless of size, that is why we will provide a minimum of 6 month FREE storage (it is really free!) for the custom items that you ordered, longer term may be available depending on your order quantity.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is probably the most important question, while we can't provide you with a solid answer here but generally speaking it is somewhat close to the stock product that we carry so it is not anything crazy. To provide you with the most accurate information, please email us your inquiry and we will get back to you.

What about hidden fees?

Nope! None of that! You will be well informed during your inquiry with our simple and transaprent pricing, no need to worry about a extra penny that you might have to pay outside of what you were presented. 

How Does Payment Works?

Generally speaking, we require 3 seperate payments.
  1. A small security deposit (not extra charge) before we star to work on your artworks
  2. 50% of the order total (minus the previously provided security deposit) is required for placing the order.
  3. The remining 50%* will be due once the order has arrived to our warehouse and is ready for delivery.
Note we won't be able to release the order without all balance paid.
*sometime the arrived quantity may change, thus it may not always be 50%.

Types of custom print we offer:

cold and hot paper food container

Cold/Hot Paper Food Containers

A very veristile food container! Widely used in many food industries, you may have seem them use for holding ice cream, frozen yogurt, shave ice, soup, candy, ice cream, roll ice cream, etc...This cup is rated for both cold and hot use. Both dome and flat lids are avaialble.
Minimum order 30,000 pcs
 Paper Cold Cup

Paper Cold Cups

You see these everyday, mostly use for cold beverage such as soda, and sometime for water, depending on your application. These are suited for cold use and not really for hot content as the paper are not as thick as the hot version.
Minimum order 30,000 pcs

Paper Hot Cup
Paper Hot Cups

From a hot coffee to hot coco, these paper hot cups will hold the hot beverage of your choice. These are extra durable and comes in thicker material compare to the paper cold cups. Note the regular single wall cups by itself is not insulated so a cup sleeve is recommended when handling hot content. If you are looking for insulated cups then consider the double wall or the ripppled insulated hot cups.
Minimum order 30,000 - 50,000 pcs.
Paper Ice cream & soup container

Paper Ice Cream / Soup Container

Old fashioned, tradditional ice cream / soup to go container that is made out of thick paper. These can be use for both hot and cold, the only difference is that the hot version ususally comes with vents to let the steam out. These handy container will keep your ice cream nice and chill when perserved in the freezer and it prevent freezer burn! As for soup, this will make handle that hot soup becomes bearable with your bare hand, but we still recommend plenty of caution when handling hot content.
 Minimum order 50,000 sets, 1 set contain 1 cup and 1 lid.
PET Plastic Cup 

PET Plastic Cold Cups

With glass-like transparency, these plastic cups are a great economic choice for a quick on the go serving! These plastic cups are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, or just call it PET like we do here, also it is commonly know as recyclable plastic #1. These cups offer a relatively rigid feeling when handling and make it look classy with a color drink. 
Minimum order 30,000 - 75,000 pcs, vary with size.
pp cup1

PP Plastic Cold Cups

The PP (which stands for Polypropylene) cups are clear in color, although it is not as crystal clear as the PET version, this cups only cost about half the price of the PET version! Of course, these PP cups won't offer the same rigidiness as the PET ones but at the same time they are less prone to cracking, so handling requirement is a bit less than the PET cups.
Minimum order 30,000 - 60,000 ,vary with size. 
premium pp cup

Premium PP Plastic Cups (cold & Hot)

These are the next-gen of the original pp cups and comes in very stylish design. Unlike its previous design, these pp cups are much heavier in weight and comes in a very rigid design, so when handling it provide a very solid feel. And thanks for its material property and thickness, this cup can handle hot content up to 248F without deforming, however, cup sleeve is always recommended as the cup itself is not insulated. As a result of the heavier design, this cup cost is higher as well.
Minimum order 30,000 pcs
sealing films

Plastic Cup Sealing Films

A popular alternative to using lid! Although you may only use this for a flat seal, its benefit is significant when space and cost is considered. To give a example, one roll of film seals 3500+ cups, in comparsion to the flat lids (which takes less space than dome lid), it takes 30 times the space to store 3500 flat lids and the cost is almost doubled. Note you will need a sealing machine to use these film.
Minimum order 60-120 rolls, vary with size.
Paper cup sleeve

Paper Cup Sleeves

A must have if you serve hot content, it adds so much comfort when holding a hot cup of coffee! But don't limit yourself just to the hot content, plenty of shop us this on the cold drink as well to prevent "cold sweat" as well as to promote their brand. These cup sleeves are universal fit for all beverage cups including both plastic and paper.
 Minimum order 50,000 pcs
bamboo chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks

a very traditional piece of cutlery/utensil for the Asian, but at the same time getting more popular in the US as well thanks for the numerous Asian Cruisines like sushi, Chinese Food, Thai Food, etc. A must have for your shop! These are grade "A" chopsticks, which means they are smooth and straight with no visible knots inbetween. These are made in the USA! 
Minimum order 10,000 pcs
 super wave bag

Superwave Plastic Bags

A stylish to-go bag for your shop! Catch eyes of your potential customer and it is durable enough to be re-use, increaseing your brand's exposure as well as prolonging the life of the bag. This bag measures 14 x 6 x 15 (LxWxH), addition size may be avaialble, please inquire if different size is desired. 
Minimum order  20,000 pcs.
 straw wrapper

Plastic Straw Wrappers

Yes it comes with a straw! But this is to mainly print on the outside packaging of the straw that you need. It does look so much better once you brand is printed on it!
Minimum order 200,000 - 600,000 pcs, vary with size.
Paper Straw

Paper Straws

The paper straws are an effort of the revent work of the eco-friendly movement, as more and more people understand the impact of disposable plastic straw, more and more places are switching to these paper straw instead. These paper straws are uncoated, which mean while they won't last forever in your drink, but it also means that it won't last forever in our ocean either! But no worry, during our tests, these can easily hold up to 30 minutes in a cold drink.  
Minimum order 50,000 pcs, vary with colors.
 Paper Bag

Paper Shopping Bags (with Handles)

A very classic paper bag that is widely use! Comes in either white or brown, these are seen from shopping malls to restaurant take out, the application is countless, after all, its purpose is to hold something on the go. 
Minimum order 50,000 pcs
Souffle cups

0.5 oz Souffle Cups

Great for tasting! Whether that is a delicious cup of yogurt or ice cream or candy or nut, these little cups will serve just that! Extremely economic one-time use cups, it just make promoting your business so much easier!
Minimum order 500,000 pcs
classic pak take out paper boxes

Classic-Pak Take Out Paper Boxes

A very classic choice for holding take out food, with the inside of the boxes coated, you can easily put food like salad, french fries and other food in there without worrying that the sauce/grease would go through.
minimum order vary from 8,000-22,500 pcs, depending on size.
 Color Spoons

Custom Color Spoons

As the title suggestion, you can choose the color of your choice for any of our current spoon! Absolute zero setup fee! 
Minimum order 300,000 pcs. 
Wooden spoons

Custom Heat-Stamped Wooden Spoon

This only applies to our wooden spoons, the design of your choice is heat-stamped to the handle part of the spoon and leaves a very stylish brown-black color finish.
Minimum order 300,000 pcs
custom spoons

Custom Molded Spoons

This is not for anyone who is not serious about their business, with this option you will be able to make the spoon/utensil of your choice from logo, shape, size, color, etc. It is essentially your spoon, and everything is special about it! General lead-time: 12-24 months.
Minimum Order: 1,000,000 pcs

That's pretty much it!

You have done a lot of readings and we are pretty sure you have got questions, so feel free to shoot us an email at or give us a call so we can get that questions answered for you!