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Yocup's Upcoming Holiday Schedule


Happy Holidays Everyone!

The holidays are fast approaching and we know you will have your hands full. So we thought we should let you know Yocup's schedule ahead the holidays.

Yocup Will be closed on:

  • Thanksgiving, November 23-24 (Thursday - Friday)
  • Christmas, December 25 (Monday)
  • New Years, January 1 (Monday)

We won't be able to process or ship any order out while we are closed and the orders received during these periods will be processed once we have returned.

Order Early and Order More!

Note becuase shipping delay tend to be very common, especially near & during Thanksgiving and Christmas times so we highly recommend you to order early and order more to avoid running out of supplies.

To place an order feel free to do so on our webpage, send us an email, or give us call at (310) 884-9888.

Thank You for shopping with us and we wish you a great holiday! 
Yocup Company